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Urodynamic Testing (Incontinence Treatment)

Urodynamic testing is a series of tests performed to evaluate your bladder and urethra during the filling, storing, and emptying of urine. The information is important for your doctor to evaluate urinary incontinence and determine the appropriate treatment for you. The goal is to replicate your symptoms, examine them, and determine their cause.

The test involves emptying your comfortably full bladder to determine urine flow. The second part of the test involves filling your bladder with fluid to measure pressure. Small tubes (catheters) are placed in your vagina and your bladder for measurement. You may be asked to cough, jump, or push to test for urine leakage. Please, do not feel embarrassed, as this is important to determine the cause of urinary incontinence. The third part of the test involves emptying your bladder while the catheters are still in place. The entire test takes around an hour; it is not painful and does not require anesthesia. Finally, you will be asked to return to the office for your doctor to further discuss the test results and possible treatments.